Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Student Directory

Name Office Email Specialization
Alisa Matlin CLJ 576 Send an email
Amanda D’Souza CLJ 576 Send an email Policing; Social Justice; Community Development; Race/Ethnicity
William McDowell Anderson CLJ 559 Send an email Terrorism; Religious Violence; Corrections
Jeremy Barnum CLJ 579E Send an email GIS & Spatial Analysis; Policing; Crime Prevention
Brandon Turchan CLJ 550 Send an email
Brian Wade Send an email
Patricia Cantara CLJ 545 Send an email Juvenile justice and delinquency; Criminal justice policy; Crime analysis
Kim Copeland CLJ 559 Send an email Online social networks; Urban sociology; Community reentry; Faith-based initiatives; Race and gender
Sarah Daly CLJ 545 Send an email Adult incarceration and supermax prisons; Juvenile gang members and violent victimization; Criminal Justice and psychology; School violence
Denisse Martinez CLJ 559 Send an email Corrections; Parental Incarceration; Childhood Wellbeing; Prisoner Reentry; CJ Policy Reform
Samuel DeWitt CLJ 555 Send an email Patterns in Violent Crime and Victimization; Prostitution Policy and Human Trafficking; Quantitative Methodology
Elizabeth Webster CLJ 559 Send an email Miscarriages of Justice; Criminal Justice Policy; Qualitative Research
Kurt Fowler CLJ 579E Send an email Legitimacy and Police Procedure; Sexual Commerce and Sex Worker Rights and Policy; Prison Education
Janet Garcia-Hallett CLJ 559 Send an email Prisoner Reentry Corrections Communities and crime
Henri Buccine-Schraeder CLJ 550 Send an email Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM); Sex Offender Policy
Shannon Jacobsen CLJ 579E Send an email Gender, crime and victimization; social inequalities; intersectionality; fear of crime; campus crime; mixed methods research
Jennifer Jensen Send an email Juvenile Justice; Adult and Youth Reentry; Employment & Crime;
Jo Kubik CLJ 576 Send an email Juvenile justice and Delinquency; Behavioral Health; Evidence-based Practices; Evaluation research
Kathleen Powell CLJ 551 Send an email Juvenile Justice & Delinquency; Criminal Justice Policy; Corrections; Comparative Criminology
Kelly Slater CLJ 550 Send an email
Danette Killinger Send an email
Ahmet Kirkpinar Send an email
Marin Kurti CLJ 567A Send an email International Criminal Justice; Underground Markets; Public Health and Crime;
Thomas Lateano Send an email
Jim Manning CLJ 550 Send an email Healthcare Fraud; Public Corruption; Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
Estee Marchi Send an email International and domestic terrorism; Irish Republican Army; Cultural criminology; Postmodern criminology; Social movement theory; Violent crime
Marina Henein CLJ 576 Send an email Gender & Crime; Mental Health & The Criminal Justice System; Juvenile Justice ; Implicit Social Cognition
Kari Miller Send an email Green Criminology; Eco-Terrorism; Forensic Psychology
Morgan B. McCallin Send an email Youth, Institutions, and Violence Communities and Crime Race, Neighborhoods, and Inequality
Nicole Sachs CLJ 559 Send an email Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence; Implicit Cognition & Identities; Parole and Reentry Services; Victimization; Violence Against Women
Ntasha Bhardwaj CLJ 576 Send an email Impact of Gender and Gender Inequality on Crime (South Asia)
Hyoungah Park Send an email Crime Analysis; Crime Intelligence Analysis; Communities and Crime
Kashea Pegram CLJ 110D Send an email Program evaluation; Prisoner reentry; Community corrections
Danielle Rusnak Send an email Evidence-based terrorism and counter-terrorism research; Risk and data analysis (spatial and quantitative); Sexual offending and offender behavior
Cory Schnell CLJ 110D Send an email Police and Crime Control; Diffusion of Police Innovation;
Ryan Sentner Send an email
Danielle Shields CLJ 579E Send an email Mental Health & the Criminal Justice System; Corrections; Criminal Justice Policy; Policy Evaluation; Policing;
Sarah Trocchio CLJ 579E Send an email Race, ethnicity, and immigrant status; communities and crime; poverty and inequality; courts and sentencing; mixed methods research
Walter Campbell CLJ 559 Send an email Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Crime Patterns, Policing and Homeland Security, Reentry Programs, Quantitative Research Methods.