Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Student Directory

Name Office Email Specialization
Alisa Matlin CLJ 576 Send an email
Amanda D’Souza CLJ 576 Send an email Policing; Social Justice; Community Development; Race/Ethnicity
William McDowell Anderson CLJ 559 Send an email Terrorism; Religious Violence; Corrections
Carlene Barnaby CLJ 559 Send an email Juvenile Delinquency Race and Poverty Communities and Crime Sustainable Crime Prevention
Jeremy Barnum CLJ 579E Send an email GIS & Spatial Analysis; Policing; Crime Prevention
Brandon Turchan CLJ 550 Send an email
Brian Wade Send an email
Patricia Cantara CLJ 545 Send an email Juvenile justice and delinquency; Criminal justice policy; Crime analysis
Kim Copeland CLJ 559 Send an email Online social networks; Urban sociology; Community reentry; Faith-based initiatives; Race and gender
Sarah Daly CLJ 545 Send an email Adult incarceration and supermax prisons; Juvenile gang members and violent victimization; Criminal Justice and psychology; School violence
Mustafa Demir CLJ 551 Send an email
Denisse Martinez CLJ 559 Send an email Corrections; Parental Incarceration; Childhood Wellbeing; Prisoner Reentry; CJ Policy Reform
Samuel DeWitt CLJ 555 Send an email Patterns in Violent Crime and Victimization; Prostitution Policy and Human Trafficking; Quantitative Methodology
Jill Kehoe CLJ 550 Send an email Sexual Homicide; Cultic Violence; Gang Violence
Elizabeth Webster CLJ 559 Send an email Miscarriages of Justice; Criminal Justice Policy; Qualitative Research
Kurt Fowler CLJ 579E Send an email Legitimacy and Police Procedure; Sexual Commerce and Sex Worker Rights and Policy; Prison Education
Janet Garcia CLJ 559 Send an email Prisoner Reentry Corrections Communities and crime
Leigh Grossman CLJ 545 Send an email public housing; defensible space; focused deterrence strategies
Henri Buccine-Schraeder CLJ 550 Send an email Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM); Sex Offender Policy
Shannon Jacobsen CLJ 579E Send an email Gender, crime and victimization; social inequalities; intersectionality; fear of crime; campus crime; mixed methods research
Jennifer Jensen Send an email Juvenile Justice; Adult and Youth Reentry; Employment & Crime;
Jo Kubik CLJ 576 Send an email Juvenile justice and Delinquency; Behavioral Health; Evidence-based Practices; Evaluation research
Kathleen Powell CLJ 551 Send an email Juvenile Justice & Delinquency; Criminal Justice Policy; Corrections; Comparative Criminology
Kelly Slater CLJ 550 Send an email
Danette Killinger Send an email
Ahmet Kirkpinar Send an email
Marin Kurti CLJ 567A Send an email International Criminal Justice; Underground Markets; Public Health and Crime;
Thomas Lateano Send an email
Antony Leberatto CLJ 559 Send an email South American Crime; Victimization of immigrant populations; Evaluation research
Jim Manning CLJ 550 Send an email Healthcare Fraud; Public Corruption; Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
Estee Marchi Send an email International and domestic terrorism; Irish Republican Army; Cultural criminology; Postmodern criminology; Social movement theory; Violent crime
Marina Henein CLJ 576 Send an email Gender & Crime; Mental Health & The Criminal Justice System; Juvenile Justice ; Implicit Social Cognition
Kari Miller Send an email Green Criminology; Eco-Terrorism; Forensic Psychology
Morgan B. McCallin CLJ 576 Send an email Youth, Institutions, and Violence Communities and Crime Race, Neighborhoods, and Inequality
Nicole Sachs CLJ 559 Send an email Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence; Implicit Cognition & Identities; Parole and Reentry Services; Victimization; Violence Against Women
Esther Nir Send an email
Ntasha Bhardwaj CLJ 576 Send an email Impact of Gender and Gender Inequality on Crime (South Asia)
Ismail Onat CLJ 551 Send an email Terrorism; Crime Analysis; Contemporary Policing; Crime Mapping;
Hyoungah Park Send an email Crime Analysis; Crime Intelligence Analysis; Communities and Crime
Kashea Pegram CLJ 110D Send an email Program evaluation; Prisoner reentry; Community corrections
Danielle Rusnak Send an email Evidence-based terrorism and counter-terrorism research; Risk and data analysis (spatial and quantitative); Sexual offending and offender behavior
Cory Schnell CLJ 110D Send an email Police and Crime Control; Diffusion of Police Innovation;
Ryan Sentner Send an email
Danielle Shields CLJ 579E Send an email Mental Health & the Criminal Justice System; Corrections; Criminal Justice Policy; Policy Evaluation; Policing;
Sarah Trocchio CLJ 579E Send an email Race, ethnicity, and immigrant status; communities and crime; poverty and inequality; courts and sentencing; mixed methods research
Walter Campbell CLJ 559 Send an email Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Crime Patterns, Policing and Homeland Security, Reentry Programs, Quantitative Research Methods.
Amarat Zaatut CLJ 579E Send an email Immigration and Crime Violence Against Women Violence and delinquency among Minorities Arab communities Social and Gender Inequalities Race, ethnicity, and Crime