Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Dr. Justin Kurland

Post-Doctoral Associate


Ph.D. (2014) University College London; M.A. (2007) Boston University; B.A. (2003) Rutgers University


Dr. Justin Kurland is a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice. He received his Ph.D. in Security and Crime Science from University College London and his M.A. in Criminal Justice from Boston University.  Prior to coming to Rutgers, Dr. Kurland primarily focused on crime prevention in the context of crowd-related sporting events.  He has received multiple awards, grants, and invitations to appear on both radio and television talk shows.  In addition, Dr. Kurland presented his research at several prestigious international  conferences, such as the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA) and the International Crime and Intelligence Analysis Conference.

Presently, Dr. Kurland is working with Dr. Ronald V. Clarke – a distinguished RSCJ professor, former dean, and winner of the 2015 Stockholm Prize in Criminology – at The Center for Conservation Criminology, where he is focusing on reducing criminal predation of endangered species.  In fact, Dr. Kurland is currently conducting a study on the villagers’ retaliatory killings of Tigers and Leopards in India for livestock predation.

Areas of Specialization
Wildlife Crime; Crime Analysis and Prevention

Key Publications
Kurland, J., Tilley, N., and Johnson, S.D. (2014). “ A Football Hotspot Matrix: A Framework for Targeting of Football-related Crime and Disorder” in M. Hopkins & J. Treadwell (Eds.), Football Hooliganism, Crime and Crowd Management: Contemporary perspectives. Palgrave MacMillan.

Kurland, J., Johnson, S. D., & Tilley, N. (2013). Offenses around Stadiums: A Natural Experiment on Crime Attraction and Generation. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. 51(1), 5–28.


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