Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Phyllis Schultze

Library Information Specialist, The Don M. Gottfredson Library of Criminal Justice



The Don M. Gottfredson Library of Criminal Justice constitutes one of the world’s largest collections of crime and criminal justice materials. Originally started by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, the library was purchased by Rutgers University and renamed in 2003 to honor Don M. Gottfredson, the founding dean of the School of Criminal Justice. The collection is a special collection within the Rutgers Newark Law Library, and primarily serves the academic programs of the School of Criminal Justice and its related institutes.

  • Gray Literature Database: The library began publishing a freely-accessible gray literature database in 2010, which provides an international clearinghouse for the collection of web-based resources in criminal justice and supplements traditional indexes and library catalogues. The database contains technical reports, working papers, government and agency reports, and conference proceedings, working papers, and online dissertations.
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books:  A joint project of Rutgers School of Law–Newark and Rutgers School of Criminal Justice which features expert and concise reviews of significant books in criminal law, criminal procedure, and criminal justice, written by top scholars in the field.
  • World Criminal Justice Library Network (WCJLN): The WCJLN website provides criminal justice information on a global scale, including access to member libraries, statistical resources, bibliographies, and links to relevant criminal justice agencies.

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