Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Recent Publications by Students

Last updated: Jan 2014


  • Braga, A.A., Welsh, B.C., Papachristos, A.V., Schnell, C., and Grossman, L.  (Forthcoming).  The growth of randomized experiments in policing: The vial few and the salience of mentoring.  Journal of Experimental Criminology.
  • Brunson, Rod K., Anthony A. Braga, David M. Hureau, and Kashea Pegram.
    Forthcoming.“We Trust You, But Not That Much: Examining Police-Black
    Community Partnerships to Reduce Youth Violence.” Justice Quarterly.
  • Lanterman, J.L., Boyle, D.J., Ragusa-Salerno, L.M. (in press).  Sex offender risk assessment, sources of variation, and the implications of misuse.  Criminal Justice and Behavior.
  • Livingston, Lindsey and Jody Miller. “Inequalities of Race, Class and
    Place and their Impact on Desistance Pathways in Post-Incarceration Higher
    Education” For submission to Race and Justice: An International Journal,
    Special Issue on Examining Racial Disparities in a Post-Racial Era (under
    review, January 2014).


  • Boyle, D.J., Ragusa-Salerno, L.M., Marcus, A.F., Passannante, M.R., & Furrer, S. (2013). Public knowledge and use of sexual offender Internet registries: Results from a random digit dialing telephone survey. Journal of Interpersonal ViolenceAdvance online publication.  doi: 10.1177/0886260513511698
  • Boyle, D.J., Ragusa-Salerno, L.M., Lanterman, J.L., Fleish Marcus, A. (2013).  An evaluation of day reporting centers for parolees: Outcomes of a randomized trial. Criminology and Public Policy, 12(1) 119-143.
  • Braga, A.A. and Schnell, C.  (2013).  Evaluating place-based policing strategies: Lessons learned from the Smart Policing Initiative in Boston. Police Quarterly 16: 339-357.
  • Garcia, J. (2013). Book Review of “Pathways for Offender Reentry: An ACA
    Reader” by Russ Immarigeon and Larry M. Fehr. Entry in Criminal Law and
    Criminal Justice Book Reviews, edited by James O. Finckenaur. Newark, NJ:
    Rutgers University.
  • Garcia, J. (2013). Book Review of “Racial Disparities in Capital
    Sentencing: Prejudice and Discrimination in the Jury” by Jamie L. Flexon.
    Entry in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Book Reviews, edited by James
    O. Finckenaur. Newark, NJ: Rutgers University.
  • Kurti, Marin, Klaus von Lampe, and Douglas E. Thompkins. (2013). “The Illegal Cigarette Market in a Socioeconomically Deprived Inner-City Area: The Case of the South Bronx” Tobacco Control (2) 138-40.
  • Moreto, W., Piza, E., and Caplan, J. (2013). A Plague on Both Your Houses? Risks, Repeats, and Reconsiderations of Urban Residential Burglary. Justice Quarterly.
  • Ragusa-Salerno, L.M., Ostermann, M., & Thomas, S. (2013).  Does the Level of Service Inventory-Revised have utility for sex offenders?  Criminal Justice and Behavior, 40(9), 959-969.
  • Trocchio, S., Chassler, D., Storbjörk, J.,  Delucchi, K.,  Witbrodt, J., & Lundgren, L. (2013). The association between self-reported mental health status and alcohol and drug abstinence 5 years post-assessment for an addiction disorder in US and Swedish samples. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 32(2), 180-193.


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  • Graycar, Adam & Diego Villa (*). 2011. The loss of governance capacity through corruption. Governance 24.
  • Herrschaft, Bryn (*) (with Hamilton, Z.) 2011. Recidivism among paroless in New York City (2001-2008). New York, NY: Center for Court Innovation.
  • Kennedy, Leslie, Joel Caplan & Eric Piza (*). 2011. Risk clusters, hotspots, and spatial intelligence: Risk terrain modeling as an algorithm for police resource allocation strategie. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 27.
  • Pires, Stephen F. (*) & William D. Moreto (*). 2011. Preventing wildlife crimes: Solutions that can overcome the ‘Tragedy of the Commons. European Journal of Criminal Policy and Research 17.
  • Pires, Stephen F. (*) & Ronald V. Clarke. 2011. Sequential foraging, itinerant fences and parrot poaching in Bolivia. British Journal of Criminology 51.


  • Clarke, Ronald V., Stephane Contre & Gohar Petrossian (*). 2010. Deterrence and fare evasion: results of a natural experiment. Security Journal 23.
  • Han, Chang-Ryung (*). 2010. Behind borders – A high-risk goods tracing system. World Customs Journal 5.
  • Herrschaft, Bryn (*), Bonnie V. Veysey, Heather Tubman-Carbone (*) & Johnna Christian. 2009. Gender differences in the transformation narrative: Implications for revised reentry strategies for female offenders. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 48.
  • Marteache, Nerea (*), Marian Martínez García & Meritxell Pérez Ramírez. 2010. “Comparación entre opinión pública y ‘opinión pública meditada’ en relación a la delincuencia sexual” (Comparing public judgment to public opinion on sex offending). Revista Española de Investigación Criminológica 8 (Spanish Journal of Criminological Research).


  • Christian, Johnna & Shenique S. Thomas (*). 2009. Examining the intersections of race, gender, and mass imprisonment. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice 7.
  • Lemieux, Andrew M.(*)  & Ronald V. Clarke. 2009. The international ban on ivory sales and its effect on elephant poaching in Africa. British Journal of Criminology. 45.
  • Rege, Aunshul (*). 2009. What’s love got to do with it? Exploring online dating scams and identity fraud. International Journal of Cybercriminology 3.


(*) PhD student at the time of publication decision