Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Student Presentations at Professional Conferences


  • Byun, Sung-hun. (2013). Might-Cause Chain Analysis: Exploring Precursors and Aftermath of Intimate Partner Violence. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA, November 20-23.
  • Garcia, Janet and Kashea Pegram. (2013). “Policing in Israel:
    Sentiments of Police Relations with the Local Populace.” American Society
    of Criminology Conference, Atlanta, GA, November 20-23.
  • Garcia, Janet, Miller, J., & Christian, J. (2013). “Gender and (Fictive) Family in a Women’s Post-Incarceration Mentoring Program.” The Prison Studies Group Graduate Student Conference, New York, NY, April 12.
  • Johnson, Jacqueline, Klaus von Lampe and Marin Kurti “A Tax By Any Other Name Would Be As Difficult: What Can The Illegal Cigarette Trade Tell Us About Future Drug Legalization?” Challenging Punishment Conference, Columbia University, NY, October 2013.
  • Salerno, Laura. “A Structural Examination of an Integrative Theory of Sexual Offending”. American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, November 2013, Atlanta, GA
  • Livingston Lindsey. (2013). “Alternatives to Crime: Identifying Desistance Pathways in a Higher Education Program for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals” The American
    Society of Criminology Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, November 20-23.
  • Trocchio, Sarah. & Griffiths, E. (2013). Rejecting by race: How ethnoracial neighborhood type, property crime, and immigrant concentration affect patterns of institutional lending across communities. Paper Session – Housing Markets, Residential Lending, and the Effect of the Foreclosure Crisis on Neighborhood Crime. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, November 20-23, Atlanta, GA.
  • Von Lampe, Klaus and Marin Kurti  “Are Illegal Markets Supply or Demand Driven? Two Case Studies” European Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Budapest, HU, September 2013
  • Von Lampe, Klaus, Marin Kurti and John Bae. “Blue Smoke Over New York City: A Look at the Illegal Cigarette Trade on the Other Side of the Atlantic” 14th Cross-Border Crime Colloquium. Cambridge, UK, May 2013.


American Society of Criminology – Annual Meeting
“Thinking about Context: Challenges for Crime and Justice”
Chicago, IL, November 14-17, 2012

Patricia Cantara
Predicting the Presence of Mental Health and Substance Use Diagnosis Among Former Foster Care Youth

Janet Garcia, Jody Miller, and Johnna Christian
Prisoner Reentry and Gender: The Mentoring Experience of Women in Transition

Yasemin Garziarifoglu, Leslie Kennedy, and Joel Caplan
Robbery Risk as a co-function of Place and Time

Eon Kim and Joel Caplan
Investigating Place-Based Perceptions of Risk

William Moreto
The Thin Green Line: Results from Participant Observations and Interviews of Rangers in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

William Moreto
Wildlife Crime: The Importance of Place and Context (Panel Chair)

William Moreto
Author Meets Critics: “Sold into Extinction: The Global Trade in Endangered Specieis,” Dr. Jacqueline Schneider (Critic)

Madeleine Novich, and Jody Miller
State Intervention and the Policing of Sri Lanka’s Commercial Sex Industry

Laura Ragusa-Salerno

Assessing Positive Outcomes of Day Reporting Center Programming for Female Offenders: An Exploratory Study 

Victoria Systma
A Pilot Application of Risk Terrain Modeling: Aggravated Assault in Newark, NJ

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences – Annual Meeting
“Sustainable Justice”
New York, NY, March 13-17, 2012

Anshul Rege
Bizarre E-Bazaars: Selling Credit Cards in Virtual Black Markets

John McMullan and Anshul Rege
An Integrated Theory of Crime in Cyberspace: Possibilities and Problems 

Jennifer Biddle
The Relationship Between Religion and Juvenile Delinquency

Steven Block
Vehicle Parts-Making as a Form of Situational Crime Prevention: A Multi-Method Evaluation  

Laura Ragusa-Salerno
Assessing Disparities in NJ Sexual Offender Tiering Procedures: A Survey of State Prosecutors and Public Defenders


American Society of Criminology – Annual Meeting
“Breaking the Mold: Innovations and Bold Ventures in Criminology”
Washington DC, November 16-19, 2011

Rosalyn Bocker and Danielle Rusnak
Applying Risk Terrain Modeling to Sexual Assault in Newark, NJ

Will Moreto, Eric Piza and Joel Caplan
‘A Plague on Both Your Houses': Risks, Repeats, and Reconsiderations of Urban Residential Burglary

Yasemin Gaziarifoglu and Les Kennedy
Applying Risk Terrain Modeling to Street Robberies in Newark, NJ

Emirhan Darcan
The Assessment of CCTV’s Effect on Future Crime Locations

Danielle Rusnak, Les Kennedy, Joel Caplan, and Ibrahim Eldivan
Countering the Threat of Terrorism: Applying Risk Terrain Modeling to Turkish Cities

Brian Smith
Which Products are Shoplifted for Resale?

Steven Block
An Analysis of Vehicle Theft Patterns in Border and Port Areas Using the Rational Choice Perspective

Jeong Hyun Kim
Cybercrime in Korea: A Study of Offender Characteristics and Crime

Eric Lesneskie
Lethal Violence in Public Housing: A Product of Neighborhood Disadvantage?

Nerea Marteache
Understanding and Preventing Luggage Theft at Airports

Jason Yong-Eun Sung
Sexual Victimization, Security Practices, and Fear of Crime on Campus in South Korea

Sung-Hun Byun
Distal and Proximal Antecedents of Intimate Partner Violence: From Online Postings of Korean Immigrant Women

Gohar Petrossian
Situational Predictors of Illegal Fishing Activities: An Examination in 53 Countries

Amarat Zaatut
Beliefs about Wife Beating among Arab-Israeli Women: The Effect of Patriarchal Ideology
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences – Annual Meeting
“Strengthening American/Canadian Justice Connections”
Toronto, Canada, March 1-5, 2011

Eric L. Piza and Brian A. O’Hara
Saturation Patrol and Violent Crime Prevention in Newark, New Jersey


American Society of Criminology – Annual Meeting
“Crime and Social Institutions”
San Francisco, CA, November 17-20, 2010

Steven Block
Predictors of Vehicle Theft for Export in Border and Port Areas in the U.S.

Yasemin Gaziarifoglu, Emierhan Darcan and Nerea Marteache
The Implications of Residence Restrictions on Availability and Affordability of Housing for Sex Offenders

Ko-Hsin Hsu
Understanding Homicide Clearances: An Examination of Police Resources

Jeong Hyun Kim and Ron Clarke
Tiger poaching in India

Jeong Hyun Kim
Patterns of international cyber crime

Eric Lesneskie (poster)
Gang Homicides in New Jersey: Analysis of Six Cities

Nerea Marteache
Measuring Public Views on Sex Offending as a Source for Criminal Policy-Making

William Moreto
Sturgeon Poaching in the Caspian Sea and the Illegal Caviar Market: Utilizing a Situational Crime Prevention Approach

Michele Muni
Putting Criminal Justice Policy to Practice through Organizational Theories

Elizabeth A. Panuccio, Johnna Christian and Mercer L. Sullivan
Social Support and Successful Juvenile Reentry: An Exploratory Analysis

Steven Pires and Ron Clarke
Sequential Foraging, Itinerant Fences and Parrot Poaching in Bolivia

Eric L. Piza, Joel Caplan, and Leslie W. Kennedy
Discovering Opportunities for Early Police Intervention: An Analysis of Shooting Incidents Captured on CCTV

Aunshul Rege
Digital Information Warfare Trends in Eurasia

Brian T. Smith
The Social and Economic Costs of Homicide

Jie Xu, Leslie W. Kennedy, and Joel Caplan
An Exploration of Opportunities For Gun Shooting in an Urban Environment
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences – Annual Meeting:
“Beyond our Boundaries: The inclusivity of Criminal Justice Sciences”
San Diego, CA, February 23-27, 2010

Shenique S. Thomas, Vivian C. Pacheco, and Bahiyyah Muhammad-Brown
The Women Left Behind: An Exploratory Study of Familial Incarceration and Health Outcomes

Shenique S. Thomas
Negotiating Family Time in the Visitation Room: Incarcerated Men and Role Management Strategies

Vivian C. Pacheco and Patrice K. Morris
Locked into Debt: Child Support Arrears and Prisoner Reentry