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Nicole Sachs

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CLJ 576


Nicole’s primary areas of interest are interpersonal violence and re-victimization. Her current research combines knowledge in both the fields of criminal justice and social psychology to examine the effects of victimization on an individual’s implicit and explicit self-concept in order to better understand re-victimization. She is interested in the effects of priming on implicit identities, the victim-offender overlap, and gender differences in victim identities and stereotypes. Her research is conducted in the Rutgers Implicit Social Cognition Lab.

Nicole also works on an evaluation of a Second Chance Re-entry Program in New Jersey in collaboration with the New Jersey State Parole Board, as well as an evaluation of mentoring on the identities and well-being of youth in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties.


Research Areas

Interpersonal victimization
Implicit social cognition
Identity processes of victims and offenders
Prisoner re-entry


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