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Sara Thompson

Office Location

CLJ, 354C

Areas of Specialization

Criminal Justice Issues in Developing Countries
Situational Crime Prevention
Policing/Law Enforcement
Wildlife Crime
White Collar Crime


Sara T. Thompson is a Ph.D student at the School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University. She has an extensive background in criminology and implementation of non-traditional criminal justice programs in developing countries. Her professional history includes managing a multimillion-dollar police peace-keeping program at the State Department and coordinating a $2 million research grant on African elephant poaching at the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank, Sara worked in Burkina Faso as a Peace Corps Volunteer, managing several educational and agricultural projects. She holds an M.A in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University – Newark and a B.A in French and Criminal Justice. When she’s not climbing mountains or running marathons, she’s taking pictures of fungi and bees.