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Reentry/Continuity of Care Cross-site Evaluation

Funding Agency: The State of New Jersey Office of the Attorney General

Principal Investigator: Bonita Veysey

Co-Principal Investigator: Shenique Thomas

Abstract: In November 2009, the Office of the Attorney General released a Notification of Availability of Funds to support Comprehensive Jail-based Reentry Strategies. Four counties competed and were awarded funds, including Atlantic, Camden, Cumberland, and Hudson. Each site provides different services through different jail-community partnerships. Target groups vary as do the estimated number of individuals to be served through this funding. Because of the complicated nature of each county’s proposed activities, it is important to describe each site’s funded reentry strategies and the process and implementation of the project components in addition to the more traditional outcomes-based evaluation. Therefore, the evaluation of this initiative will be comprised of three components: (1) a process evaluation to monitor program implementation, changes to the program or service system interactions over time, and to fully describe the program and its components for the purposes of replication, (2) routine collection of common performance measures to assess system performance, and (3) a participant outcome study to assess overall program effectiveness.

The Rutgers evaluation team will provide continuous feedback to the sites and the OAG to help to improve program performance and to improve the chances of long-term sustainability. In addition, the evaluation team will work with all project partners (i.e., sites, OAG, COCHS) to disseminate findings from this important initiative.