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November 21, 2023

Vera Institute of Justice Says SCJ’s NPSC Key Partner in Violence Prevention

The Newark Public Safety Collaborative receives a special shoutout at the latest report of the Vera Institute of Justice on Coordinating Safety:Building and Sustaining Offices of Violence Prevention and Neighborhood SafetyThis report discusses the importance of Coordinating Safety and explores OVP/ONS as a policy approach for local governments to support community-centered approaches to safety, highlighting promising practices and recommendations to ensure the efficacy and sustainability of these offices.The NPSC is a Promising Practice that regularly convenes and coordinates government and community partners involved in implementing programs and interventions.
The report reads: “Newark is also using cross-sector coordination to strengthen its strategic use of data. The Newark Public Safety Collaborative (NPSC), formed in 2018 through Rutgers UniversityRutgers University – School of Criminal Justice, is a key partner in making data accessible to the city’s Office of Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery, Brick City Peace Collective, and associated government and community partners. NPSC partners meet regularly to review and interpret data and receive regular citywide and ward-specific data updates. Alex Santana, NPSC director, explained that the democratization of data and analysis is “the cornerstone of what we do,” and Eure highlighted that the “data informs your strategy,” such as where to allocate resources and what types of strategies and interventions to deploy.”

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