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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, Rutgers-Newark

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice at Rutgers-Newark prepares students for positions of leadership and responsibility in government organizations, non-profits, and academic careers. It helps them become effective agents of change in their communities of practice. We do this through coursework and hands-on experiences in classes on contemporary crime, justice, and law enforcement policies and practices, and in our state-of-the-art training in social science research and methods.



Program Highlights

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“The SCJ Master’s Program allowed me to broaden my knowledge as a police officer and learn best practices that I could implement while on patrol. SCJ faculty were knowlegeable and I was easily able to schedule classes that worked around my schedule.”

John Swiderski (MA ’19), Police Officer, Union County, New Jersey

“The Rutgers MA Program encourages you to rethink your position, and to think fast and out the box. The skills I obtained for the MA Program have genuinely assisted me in my personal and professional development.”

Zarlasht F. Stanakazi (MA ’18), Program Manager, Catholic Charities of Immigration and Refugee Services

“The courses opened my mind to new ideas and possibilities and gave me some strategies to tackle some of the toughest problems in the criminal justice system. I use this type of thinking to excel in my career.”

Tom Crehan (MA ’20), Investigator, Gallagher Bassett Technical Services

“The decision to attend Rutgers was one of the best academic decisions I’ve made. As an MA student, I learned from experienced and knowledge instructors in the field of CJ. My experience ultimately informed my decision to pursue a PhD.”

Ryan Brown (MA ’22), PhD Student, Rutgers University-Newark School of Criminal Justice

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