Minimum criteria for graduation. Successful completion of the following:

• A minimum of 120 degree credits

• The college’s core curriculum

• The criminal justice major requirements

• A second concentration*

• The writing intensive requirement

• A minimum grade point average of 2.0

All candidates for graduation must complete a diploma application form online in order to be considered for graduation.

The deadline for applying is as follows:

Graduation Date

Last term completed

Submit on-line application by:



July 30th



October 15th



February 15th

Only ONE Convocation Ceremony is held annually in May for ALL graduates (October, January and May).Unless the application is filed by the appropriate date, the degree is not conferred and graduation is delayed.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that all the graduation requirements of the college, including certification of the major, have been fully met well before the expected date of graduation. For a personal academic degree audit evaluation, please visit the degree navigator.

To participate in a commencement ceremony, a student must have successfully completed all degree requirements. Inquiries concerning graduation may be directed to The Office of Academic & Student Services located in The School of Criminal Justice.

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