Dual Degrees

Dual Masters of Arts Degree in Social Work and Criminal Justice

 Our proposed dual Masters Degree in Social Work and Criminal Justice will give students a set of knowledge and skills to confidently address the pressing issues of our times. To be both problem solvers and change agents, it will encourage and train students to think and work outside their normal comfort zones. Exposure to complementary fields of study will build students’ capacities to think deeply about the ethical and social implications inherent to various perspectives. This dual degree program will keep with the School of Criminal Justice’s and School of Social Work’s emphasis on inter-professional education, interests in disparities within the criminal justice system and over-incarceration, and growing labor force opportunities for social workers within criminal justice settings. Graduates will be well prepared to advance the goals of effective and sustainable social justice within criminal legal systems. The dual degree program will also advance the mission of Rutgers University to prepare NJ citizens for careers in public service. Our schools at Rutgers University — Newark have diversity of people, ideas and fields of study that makes it primed for interdisciplinary innovation and strong community engagement. This dual degree program will be one new and exciting avenue to these outcomes. Contact Jimmy

Jimmy Camacho, Manager, Graduate Programs and Graduate Enrollment Services for further details, jimmyca@scj.rutgers.edu

Dual Juris Doctor & Master of Arts in Criminal Justice