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Rodney Brunson

Dr. Rod Brunson was appointed Dean of the School of Criminal Justice in July 2016. Dr. Brunson is an award-winning scholar, prolific author, and sought after speaker who is widely known for his expertise regarding the impact of concentrated neighborhood disadvantage, police-community relations, qualitative research methods, and youth violence – specifically, youths’ experiences in neighborhood... Learn More


Johnna Christian

Dr. Christian received her Ph.D. from the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice in 2004. Her work examines incarceration’s impact on families and neighbourhoods, emphasizing the gendered aspects of family members’ connections to prisoners, as well as the disparate impact on racial and ethnic minority groups. She has conducted research about family visiting at... Learn More


Keesha Middlemass

Keesha Middlemass is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science where she teaches courses in American Politics, Public Policy and Urban Politics. As a teacher, she values the influence she has on her students, and hopes to serve as a role model in preparing them to engage in critical thinking analysis, assemble and... Learn More


Edwardo Portillos

Dr. Portillos joined the UCCS Sociology Department in the 2004-2005 academic year and is currently the graduate program director for the department. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder and graduate work at Arizona State University. Research interests include youth gangs, police-community relations in Latino/a communities, Chicano pedagogy and issues of... Learn More


Assata Richards

Assata Richards is a native of Houston, Texas and received much of her education in County Line, which is small close-knit community in East Texas. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Houston, she earned her Master’s and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Sociology with a concentration on political and community participation,... Learn More


Carmen Solis

Carmen Leonor Solis is an Associate Professor in the Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department and the NYPD Graduate Leadership Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York. During her 27 years at John Jay College she has also served as Counseling Coordinator in the SEEK Department and as the... Learn More