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Call for Contributors Encyclopedia of Race, Crime, and Justice: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic

Seeking contributors for a unique 3-volume encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Race, Crime, and Justice: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic that will publish with Greenwood Press in December 2019.

Crime and justice in the context of race, ethnicity, and race relations dominate the headlines with continued instances of sentencing disparities, racial profiling, and higher incarceration rates for racial and ethnic minorities. This comprehensive, 3-volume reference work,

explores the complex issues surrounding race, crime, and justice as it relates to people of color.

A-Z reference entries address crime and justice issues as they relate to people of various races and ethnicities in contemporary American society. Fact-filled entries provide a broad understanding of each topic, including a brief history, key events, issues, movements, people, and

contemporary information related to the topic.

Contributors receive writing credit and eBook access to the published set. Other compensation may be available; due dates May 15th and July 15th.

If you are interested in writing for this project, please email Dr. Christine S. Barrow and Dr. Delores Jones-Brown co- editors, at RCJEncyclopedia@gmail.com with a brief cv and list of areas of interest and expertise, and we will send a list of available entries.


Thank you for your interest in this important project.

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