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Deadly Injustice (Trayvon Martin Volume) Delivered to Press

Deadly Injustice, the volume on Trayvon Martin, was delieved to press in February, and will be available for purchase this November. If you have not yet heard, CONGRATULATIONS!!! are in order to Devon Johnson, Patricia Warren, and Amy Farrell who conceived of and delivered to New York University Press the 6th RDCJN volume:  Deadly Injustice: Race, Criminal Justice and the Death of Trayvon Martin.  Like The Many Colors of Crime, this volume is almost wholly a RDCJN effort.  Therefore, CONGRATULATIONS!!! are also in order for the 11 other RDCJN scholars who contributed articles to the book:  Kevin Drakulich, Jacinta Gau, Chenelle Jones, Delores Jones-Brown, Toya Like, Alex Piquero, Bryan Sykes, Victor Rios, Isaac Unah, Heather Washington, and Valerie Wright.

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