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Correctional Program Checklist Training Proposal

Funding Agency: New Jersey State Parole Board

Principal Investigator: Michael Ostermann

Co-Principal Investigator: Shenique Thomas

Abstract: The Rutgers University Evidence-Based Institute (EBI) proposes co-hosting a training curriculum sponsored by the New Jersey State Parole Board’s (SPB) Community Programs Division (CPD). The proposed training will be on the administration of the Correctional Program Checklist (CPC) and will be delivered by faculty and staff members from the University of Cincinnati. The proposed training will be held at Rutgers’s Newark campus and will allow both university faculty and staff as well as SPB CPD staff to become certified in the administration and interpretation of the CPC. The CPC is an instrument that allows for the analysis of how well programs that are administered to criminal justice involved populations coincide with established evidence-based principles.