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Lageson, S. (2020). Mugshots don’t belong on search engines. San Francisco Chronicle.

As criminal legal reform sweeps the country, the mug shot has rightly come up for re-evaluation. Taken at horrible moments in people’s lives, these photos have been deployed across the internet for public shaming and extortion. The images reinforce racial stereotypes and imply criminality — although the only thing the photos tell us is whom the police decided to arrest. Some police departments, including San Francisco’s, are choosing to end the practice of releasing mug shot galleries.  (Read more:  https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/openforum/article/Mug-shots-don-t-belong-on-search-engines-15395798.php#:~:text=Mug%20shots%20are%20clickbait%20because,of%20how%20search%20algorithms%20work.)