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Lageson, S. (2020). The purgatory of digital punishment. Slate.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re accurate—criminal records are all over the internet, where anyone can find them. And everyone does.
On a frozen December day in Minneapolis, William walked into a free legal aid seminar, to try to fix his criminal record. Lumbering toward a lawyer, his arms full of paperwork, William tried to explain his situation quickly. “I want to show you my record here that I got from my probation officer. Here.” Frustrated, William waved papers in the air.
After an employer and a landlord both denied his applications following private background checks, William started to suspect something was wrong with his criminal record. When he finally got a copy, the data made no sense. One arrest was dated to 1901. Another arrest was linked to an active warrant. (read more:  https://slate.com/technology/2020/06/criminal-justice-records-online-digital-punishment.html)