Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Dr. Ronald V. Clarke

University Professor


Ph.D. (1968) University of London


Dr. Clarke was Dean of the School of Criminal Justice from 1987-1998. Before moving to the United States in 1984, he was employed for fifteen years in the British government’s criminological research department, the Home Office Research and Planning Unit. He became the Director of the Unit in 1982. While at the Home Office, he jointly developed the rational choice perspective on crime with Derek Cornish and helped to launch the British Crime Survey. He also led the team that originated situational crime prevention and is now considered to be the world’s leading authority on that approach. Dr Clarke is the founding editor of Crime Prevention Studies and is author or joint author of more than 250 books, monographs and papers, most recently including Superhighway Robbery: Preventing E-commerce Crime (Willan Publishing, 2003), Become a Problem Solving Crime Analyst (U.S. Dept of Justice, 2005) and Outsmarting the Terrorists  (Praeger, 2006). 

Dr. Clarke is the Associate Director of the Center for Problem-oriented Policing, a virtual institute (, and he has been Visiting Professor at University College London since 2001. In 2012, his colleagues and former students published a festschrift in his honor (The Reasoning Criminologist, Routledge) and in 2015 he was awarded the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. His current research focuses on Wildlife Crimes (


Areas of Specialization
Rational choice theory & situational crime prevention
Problem-oriented policing & crime analysis
Wildlife Crime

Key Publications
Clarke, R.V. (2016) Criminology and the Fundamental Attribution Error.The Criminologist 41(3): 1-6

Petrossian, G. & R.V. Clarke (2014). Explaining and Controlling Illegal Commercial Fishing: An Application of the CRAVED Theft Model. British Journal of Criminology, 54: 73-90

Braga, A. and R.V. Clarke. (2014). Explaining High Risk Concentrations of Crime in the City: Social Disorganization, Crime Opportunities, and Important Next Steps.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 51(4): 480-498.

Clarke, R.V. & R. De By. 2013. Poaching, Habitat Loss and the Decline of Neotropical Parrots: A Comparative Spatial Analysis. Journal of Experimental Criminology First published Online April 16, 2013

Pires, S. & R.V. Clarke. 2012. “Are Parrots CRAVED? An Analysis of Parrot Poaching in Mexico”. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 49 (1), 122 – 146.

Pires, S. & R.V. Clarke. 2011. Sequential Foraging, Itinerant Fences and Parrot Poaching In Bolivia. British Journal of Criminology, 51(2): 314-335


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