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Undergraduate Overview

Welcome to undergraduate programs at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice (SCJ)! You are about to join a distinguished program whose faculty are known around the world.

During the past decade, more and more undergraduate students have been drawn to the criminal justice major, and, at Rutgers-Newark, it has become one of the most popular undergraduate programs on campus. Students pursuing undergraduate degrees at Rutgers University can benefit from the expertise and opportunities for hands-on research and learning afforded to them through the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice. Students are prepared for further study in graduate or professional schools, or for careers in criminal justice.

The criminal justice major offers students a focused interdisciplinary exposure to all aspects of crime and criminal justice. Courses in the program deal with crime and other forms of deviance and the responses to these problems by police, courts, corrections and other organizations; contemporary criminal justice issues; and ethical concerns and research. Students majoring in criminal justice receive excellent preparation for further study in graduate or professional schools as well as for careers in criminal justice. The Rutgers School of Criminal Justice also offers accelerated programs (B.A./M.A. and B.S./M.A) that combine an undergraduate liberal arts education with professional study. Students from Rutgers University and several other colleges and universities can participate in this program, focusing on their undergraduate studies during the first three years and spending the remainder of their time focusing on graduate studies.

Check below for major and minor requirements. For more information check the SCJ undergraduate handbook or visit the Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions website.

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Degree Requirements

In order to graduate from the School of Criminal Justice students must complete the following four requirements:

1. Successful completion of at least 124* academic credits.

2. Successful completion of college’s Core Curriculum

  • Effective fall 2012 for the First Year’s (students admitted as freshman)
  • Effective fall 2014 for Transfer students
  • Students admitted prior to fall 2012 must follow the General Education Requirements

3. Successful completion one of the major programs of study and for students following the Core Curriculum, at least one Second Concentration

4. Successfully earning a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better.

*Effective September 1, 2015, a minimum of 120 degree credits would be required to graduate

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Major Requirements

You must earn a C or better in all courses for the criminal justice major.

38 credits total requirement:
9 credits of required courses
8 credits of Research Methods and Statistics
21 credits of electives

CJ Major Fall’14 0714 (3)

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Minor Requirements

The minor in criminal justice has been designed to ground students in the basics of criminology and criminal justice.


18 credits total requirement

REQUIRED COURSES (18 credits):

CJ Minor Fall14_0914 (2)

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Double Major

Students often wish to complete a double major and are unsure how this affects course selection. There are three minimal elements required to graduate from Rutgers NCAS/UC‐N and The School of Criminal Justice with a Baccalaureate degree: 1) satisfactory completion of all General Education requirements; 2) satisfactory completion of the requirements of a particular major; and 3) completion of at least 124 credits with a grade point average no lower than 2.00.

For example, a student wishes to double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Criminal Justice Research Methods and Data Analysis in Criminal Justice fulfills the research methods and statistics requirement for both Criminal Justice and Sociology.

The course itself is eight credits. Even if the two departments accept the course as a fulfillment of major requirements and count the course toward the total number of credits required for the major, the courses are only counted as eight credits, not sixteen credits. The student is responsible for ensuring that he or she has earned 124 credits in order to graduate.

Any student planning a double major should consult with an NCAS or UC –N counselor, as well as an academic advisor in each of the two departments.

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Contact an SCJ Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Office of Academic and Student Services Center for Law and Justice
Suite 578
Phone: 973-353-1300

Office Hours:

M, Th, F:  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Tu, W:     8:30 AM – 6:00 PM


For more information please contact Dr. Mercer Sullivan, Associate Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program:

Undergraduate students with questions, please contact:

Ms. LaWanda Thomas, Assistant Dean Academic and Student Services

Alexandra Charles, Undergraduate Academic Advisor                                                                                                                                 973-353-3029

For more information visit Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions >

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