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May 11, 2023

NPSC Featured as Newark Named Model Community by Obama Foundation

A recent video produced by the Obama Foundation/My Brother’s Keeper Model Community (MBK) shows Rutgers’ own Newark Public Safety Collaborative’s (NPSC) contribution to the initiative. It also features Rutgers University-Newark School of Criminal Justice faculty member and NPSC Director Alex Gimenez-Santana discussing the Collaborative’s auto theft crime reduction program involving Newark youth.

Newark, New Jersey was named one of four My Brother’s Keeper Model Communities by the Obama Foundation, a new initiative that seeks to expand the implementation of evidence-based practices and impact for communities across the country.

Newark was recognized for their demonstrated impact in MBK Milestone Six: Remaining Safe from Violent Crime, where homicides were down by 55 percent compared to 2013. “Newark has oftentimes been at the top of the wrong lists. We are not where we want to be, but we are so far from where we used to be,” shared Mark Comesañas, Executive Director of My Brother’s Keeper Newark.

To learn more about the other cities selected as MBK model communities, visit obama.org/mbka/model-communities/.

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