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Nicole Swiderski

Areas of Specialization

Interpersonal victimization
Implicit social cognition
Identity processes of victims and offenders
Prisoner re-entry


Nicole’s primary areas of interest are interpersonal violence and re-victimization. Her current research combines knowledge in both the fields of criminal justice and social psychology to examine the effects of victimization on an individual’s implicit and explicit self-concept in order to better understand re-victimization. She is interested in the effects of priming on implicit identities, the victim-offender overlap, and gender differences in victim identities and stereotypes. Her research is conducted in the Rutgers Implicit Social Cognition Lab.

Nicole also works on an evaluation of a Second Chance Re-entry Program in New Jersey in collaboration with the New Jersey State Parole Board, as well as an evaluation of mentoring on the identities and well-being of youth in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties.



RISC Lab: risclab.rutgers.edu

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-sachs-a81679a0