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Dr. Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy joined Rutgers University-Newark in 2020. His early research focused on adolescent offending and relationships with parents, fictive family, peers, and romantic partners. In these studies, he and his co-authors developed ideas about criminal capital, co-offending, success, social bonds, and danger. Some of his more recent research examines overt discrimination and juvenile crime, while... Learn More


Judge Victoria Pratt

Judge Victoria Pratt is a renowned national and international advocate for reforming the criminal justice system. As the Chief Judge in Newark Municipal Court in Newark, NJ, she spent years using techniques that increased the public’s trust in the justice system. While presiding over Newark Community Solutions, a Community Court Program, she used a transformational... Learn More


Dr. Michael Ostermann

Michael Ostermann is an Associate Professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University-Newark.  His research interests primarily lie within the fields of prisoner reentry and corrections, and how they intersect with public policy.  His recent work investigates the impact of post-release reentry services upon recidivism, whether effects vary across different levels of programmatic... Learn More