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Dr. Keisha April

Keisha April joined the faculty at the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice in 2022. Dr. April’s research, situated at the intersection of psychology and criminal justice, examines factors that contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system. Specifically, her work seeks to promote a greater understanding of the relationships between communities of... Learn More


Dr. Ebony Ruhland

Dr. Ebony Ruhland received her Ph.D. from the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on how criminal justice policies and practices impact individuals, families, and communities. Dr. Ruhland is currently working on research projects in four areas: 1) examining factors that lead to probation revocations, including the use probation... Learn More


Dr. Michael Ostermann

Michael Ostermann is an Associate Professor at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University-Newark.  His research interests primarily lie within the fields of institutional and community corrections, rehabilitation and reentry, and how they intersect with public policy.  His recent work investigates the impact of in-prison and post-release rehabilitative services upon outcomes throughout the life... Learn More


Dr. Brenden Beck

Brenden Beck is a sociologist studying policing, city budgets, housing, and suburbs. A current research project of his investigates how municipal governments shift funding from social services to policing during recessions and how those shifts influence long-term crime rates. His previous research examined how cities’ reliance on fine-and-fee revenue affects their frequency of police killings,... Learn More


Dr. Pilar Larroulet

Pilar Larroulet is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University. Her research focuses on continuity in offending behavior within and across generations, as well as the consequences of interactions with the criminal justice system, with a particular emphasis on gender and incarceration. Prior to joining Rutgers, Pilar served as an... Learn More