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Dr. Robert Apel

Robert Apel (pronounced AY-pull) is a criminologist by training and has been on the faculty at Rutgers University-Newark since 2011. Much of his research is at the intersection of crime, the justice system, and the labor market. This research seeks to better understand the work-crime relationship, the impact of criminal justice involvement on long-term employment,... Learn More


Dr. Andres F. Rengifo

Andres F. Rengifo, Ph.D is a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University – Newark. His research explores how crime and crime control are shaped by social factors and institutions, and how the “practice” of justice, social control, and punishment amplify some forms of inequality and create new systems of stratification. His collaborative... Learn More


Dr. Ko-lin Chin

Ko-lin Chin has written extensively on issues related to Chinese crime groups and networks, including Chinatown gangs and tongs, human smuggling organizations, organized crime in Taiwan and China, the heroin and methamphetamine businesses in Myanmar and China, and sex trafficking networks in Asia and the United States. Dr. Chin has received funding from the National... Learn More


Dr. Joel Miller

Joel Miller has spent twenty-five years conducting criminal justice research in both academic and policy settings, joining the Rutgers faculty in 2009. His work is international in scope, reflecting a career that has seen employment at the UK Home Office, the University of Malaga in Spain, and the Vera Institute of Justice, New York. He... Learn More


Dr. Bill McCarthy

Bill McCarthy joined Rutgers University-Newark in 2020. His early research focused on adolescent offending and relationships with parents, fictive family, peers, and romantic partners. In these studies, he and his co-authors developed ideas about criminal capital, co-offending, success, social bonds, and danger. Some of his more recent research examines overt discrimination and juvenile crime, while... Learn More