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April Fernandez

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, North Carolina State University


APRIL FERNANDES is an assistant professor of sociology at North Carolina State University. Her work explores the consequences that result from low-level criminal justice contact. In particular, she focuses on how employment, health, and housing are compromised after an arrest, misdemeanor conviction or jail stay. Prior to her position at NCSU, April was a post-doctoral fellow for Alexes Harris at the University of Washington, working on a multi-state project centered on monetary sanctions assessed after criminal convictions. Both of these research agendas focus on the detrimental repercussions of criminal justice contact, with an eye towards the impact on inequality and stratification. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Washington, and received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for her work.  April’s SRI paper is entitled “On the Job or in the Joint: Employment Outcomes and Criminal Justice Contact.” SRI Mentor: Steve Messner (University at Albany, SUNY); SRI Reviewer: Mike Vuolo (The Ohio State University);  SRI Peer Mentor: Elsa Chen (Santa Clara University).