Graduate Student Awards, Publications, & Grants



  • Begum, Popy. 2021 American Society of Criminology’s Ruth Peterson Fellowship 


  • Appleby, Ashley. Association of Doctoral Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Neudecker, Christine. Sir James Lougheed Award of Distinction
  • Turchan, Brandon. Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Society of Criminology Division of Policing


  • Begum, Popy. Association of Doctoral Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Chukwuedo, Christopher. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Doctoral Summit Scholarship
  • Hashimi, Sadaf. Early Career Award, 11th Annual Illicit Networks conference; Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Doctoral Summit Scholarship

Publications (journal articles & book chapters)


  • Begum, Popy. New wine in old bottles: The changing face of arranged marriages in New York City. The Politics of Marriage and Gender: Global Issues in Local Contexts (ed. Peter Berta). Rutgers University Press.
  • Berryessa, C.M. and Balavender A. (Forthcoming 2021). The Value of Remorse as a  “Therapeutic Tool” for Probation Officers in Sentencing. In M. Perlin & K. Frailing (Eds.), The Therapeutic Jurisprudence Implications of Judicial Decision-Making by Non-Judicial Officers. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.
  • Clear, Todd R. & Chase Montagnet. Impact of incarceration on community public safety and public health. Public health behind bars (ed.  R. Greifinger). Springer, New York, NY.
  • Rengifo, Andres F., Sofia G. Flores, and Ashley N. Jackson. From bright plots to blind spots. Mapping departures in case-review post bail reform in two New Jersey courts. Criminal Justice & Behavior.


  • Avila, Lorena, Yael Siman, & Nancy Nicholls. Migration narratives of Holocaust survivors in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Lessons and Legacies XIV: The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century; Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age, (T. Cole and S. Gigliotti, eds.). Evanston: Northwestern University Press.
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  • Bhardwaj, Ntasha & Robert Apel. Societal gender inequality and the gender gap in safety perceptions: Comparative evidence from the International Crime Victims Survey. European Journal of Criminology.
  • Braga, Anthony A., Rod K. Brunson, Philip J. Cook, Brandon Turchan, & Brian Wade. Underground gun markets and the flow of illegal guns into the Bronx and Brooklyn: A Mixed-Methods Analysis. Journal of Urban Health.
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  • Bright, Katherine. Love, sex (dolls) and robots in the age of coronavirus. The Society Pages.
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  • Schwarz, Christiane. Transitioning house: A “safe umbrella” from criminal stigmatization?” Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.
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  • Turchan, Brandon.  High profile police-involved shootings and officers’ perceptions of legitimacy: Insights from a natural experiment.  Journal of Experimental Criminology.
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External Grants


  • Begum, Popy. Student Research Grant, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion; Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Scholarship Honorable Mention, American Society of Criminology; Constant H. Jacquet Research Award, Religious Research Association; Joseph H. Fichter Research Grant, Association for the Sociology of Religion.
  • Bhardwaj, Ntasha. Claire M. Renzetti Travel Grant, Division of Women and Crime, American Society of Criminology.