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Paving a Path for Excellence


Rutgers School of Criminal Justice (SCJ) is recognized for having one of the premier academic programs in the field. As a school, we are committed to developing and applying criminological theories, professional knowledge, and analytical and problem-solving techniques to the reduction of crime and its impact.

Our learning environment enables students to participate in cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research with some of the field’s leading academic minds. We maintain a strong focus on collaborative problem solving, using the combined resources of Rutgers University and local regional justice agencies. The result is a unique and forward-thinking approach that is appreciated by students and admired by faculty at institutions around the world.

We support all our students with abundant resources for career and professional development that they are able to make the most of their education at SCJ.

SCJ staff and faculty helped me find an internship at the Newark Violence Reduction Initiative. They met with me, answered questions, and made an effort to help me get the most out of the program.

Lilian Garcia

M.A. ‘12