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Bail and pretrial incarceration
Andres Rengifo (bail reform)
Sara Wakefield (pretrial incarceration)
Victoria Pratt (court reforms)
Courts and sentencing
Colleen Berryessa
Michael Ostermann
Todd Clear
Crime & community relations
Alejando Gimenez-Santana
Andres Rengifo
Crimes rates, prediction and mapping
Alejando Gimenez-Santana
Environmental criminology

Ron Clarke
Families and welfare
Frank Edwards
Sara Wakefield
Incarceration and reentryTodd Clear (mass incarceration)
Johnna Christian (reentery)
Sara Wakefield (parental incarceration)
International and cross-national researchAndres Rengifo (Central and South America, Mexico, Jamaica)
Valerio Baćak (Europe)
Alejando Gimenez-Santana (Europe, Latin America)
Todd Clear
JusticeVictoria Pratt (Procedural, Distributive)
Labor markets, employment and criminal recordsBob Apel
Sarah Lageson
LGBTQValerio Baćak
Mental health, psychology and criminal justiceValerio Baćak
Colleen Berryessa
PolicingAndres Rengifo (policing communities and neighborhoods)
Frank Edwards (police violence)
Valerio Baćak (policing and health)
Public opinion, morality and religionJasmine Silver
Race and criminal justice Frank Edwards
Andres Rengifo
TechnologySarah Lageson