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Feng, S., Piza, E. L., Kennedy, L. W., & Caplan, J. M.  (2018). Aggravating effects of alcohol outlet types on street robbery and aggravated assault in New York City. Journal of Crime and Justice.

The present study uses Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) to analyze how nine different alcohol outlet types differentially influence the likelihood of aggravated assault and street robbery at micro-level places in New York City. Separate models were conducted for each of New York’s five boroughs to account for the differing environmental characteristics across the city. Results... Learn More


Hagan, J., McCarthy, B., Herda, D., & Chandrasekher, A.C. (2018). Dual process theory of racial isolation, legal cynicism, and reported crime. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 7190-7199.

Why is neighborhood racial composition linked so strongly to police-reported crime? Common explanations include over-policing and negative interactions with police, but police reports of crime are heavily dependent on resident 911 calls. Using Sampson’s concept of legal cynicism and Vaisey’s dual-process theory, we theorize that racial concentration and isolation consciously and nonconsciously influence neighborhood variation... Learn More