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Emily Greberman

PhD Student

Research Areas

Corrections & Prison Culture
Community/Media Relations
Perception of Criminological Institutions

Emily Greberman

Emily Greberman is a second year PhD student whose research centers on corrections/incarceration and particularly the relationships between incarcerated residents and correctional staff. Additionally, she takes a global lense through comparative justice to examine the influence of public perception and attitudes towards individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Working under Dr. Colleen Berryessa, Emily often incorporates psychological frameworks and concepts within her projects.

Obtaining her B.S. from Drexel University where she double majored in criminology and psychology, she also later obtained an M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania in criminology. Using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, Emily hopes to enter academia following the completion of her PhD where she can teach others about criminology/criminal justice, as well as use her research to help understand the effects of incarceration and public perception.