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Christine Neudecker

Research Areas

Countering Violent Extremism
Geographic Information Systems
Risk Terrain Modeling
Statistical Analyses


Christine Neudecker is a PhD student in the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers – Newark. Christine holds a B.A. and M.A in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada, and an Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information System Analysis from Vancouver Island University, Canada. She has held the roles of research assistant, teaching assistant, part-time lecturer, and as an independent contractor of GIS mapping and analysis alongside her student role throughout her academic career. As a research assistant she has worked on projects ranging in topics from counterterrorism, public health, policing, city planning, and climate change, just to name a few. As a lecturer she has taught Crime Mapping, White-Collar Crime, and Data Analysis in Criminal Justice. Her primary area of research involves the application of geographic information systems (GIS) to a variety of topics with an eye towards counterterrorism as her focus. Most recently, she has been working towards using remote sensing, spatial interpolation techniques, habitat suitability analysis, and risk terrain modeling to better understand the spatial dynamics of terrorism as it relates to target analyses and, separately, climate change.


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Sir James Lougheed Award of Distinction recipient for the 2019-2020 academic year from the Alberta Government (2020)

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship Nominee for Rutgers University – Newark (2020)

Rutgers School of Criminal Justice Graduate Fellowship (2017)

SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship (2017)

Simon Fraser University Graduate Fellowship (2016)

Dr. Brian Burtch Graduate Award (2015)

SSHRC Canadian Graduate Master’s Scholarship (2015)

Simon Fraser University Open Undergraduate Scholarship (2014)

Sangudo Agricultural Society & District Scholarship (2009)