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Ihsan Al-Zouabi

Research Areas

Green Criminology
Environmental Crimes
Institutional Legitimacy


Ihsan Al-Zouabi is Ph.D. student at Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice. Her current research agenda concerns the relationship between racial inequality and environmental harm. Ihsan earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Urban Youth Development (2016) as well as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (2017) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Al-Zouabi, I., Stogner, J., Miller, B.L., and Lane, E. (2018). Butane hash oil and dabbing: insights into use, amateur production techniques, and potential harm mitigation. Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation.

Phillips, M.D. and Al-Zouabi, I. (2018). National Security, In Encyclopedia of Research Methods and Statistical Techniques in Criminology and Criminology. (Barnes, J.C., and Forde, David R., eds.). Wiley.