Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

Dr. Andres F. Rengifo

Associate Professor


Ph.D. (2007) CUNY Graduate Center – John Jay College


Andres F. Rengifo received his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center – John Jay College in 2007. His research focuses primarily on the macro-level intersection between sentencing policies and imprisonment. He also studies social networks, and urban crime and disorder. Dr. Rengifo’s current areas of interest include the study of corrections’ policy and innovation at the state and local levels, the evolution of co-offending networks over time and space, and comparative work on issues of public safety and crime control in Latin America (Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Chile, Jamaica).

Dr. Rengifo is also a Research Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management).

Areas of Specialization
Social Control
Communities & Crime
Cross-cultural & Evaluation Research

Key Publications
Rengifo, A. F., & D. Stemen. (Forthcoming). The unintended effects of penal reform: African American presence, incarceration, and the abolition of discretionary parole in the United States. Crime & Delinquency

Rengifo, A. F., D. Stemen, B. Dooley, E. Amidon, & A. Gendon. 2010. Cents and sensibility. A case study of corrections reform in Kansas and Michigan. Journal of Criminal Justice 38

Rosenfeld, R., R. Fornango, & A. F. Rengifo. 2007. The impact of order- maintenance policing on New York City robbery and homicide rates: 1988-2001. Criminology 45


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